Stara provides the employees with training in information technology

Stara provides the employees with training in information technology

To seek more development, commitment and motivation for employees, Stara constantly provides training in plenty of areas. According to the Human Resources Department, more than 126 thousand hours of training were given in 2021.

The manager of Personnel and HR Systems, Cristiane Teichmann, explains that Stara thinks training is an investment for the short, medium and long term: “The training provides good results for both the company and employees. Our employees have a large attendance and are engaged in the training. They are aware of the importance to reach more knowledge and are aligned with the company motto “Constant Evolution”.

Training is also an opportunity for the employees to learn about an area and work in a new job in the company.

As is the Information Technology training. One of the reasons to provide this training is the low offer of professionals available in this area. “We are having a chronic shortage of professionals in technology worldwide. Thus, the company develops new talents inside so they are prepared to fulfil the future jobs this area requires,” she points out.

Cristiane stands out that some employees who have already done the training were given an opportunity to work in the IT Department at Stara to follow the company bases, which is the internal selection process.

The employee Hugo de Moura Faccin, who has been working for 9 months at Stara, attended the first class and approved the course. “I found it innovative since it is an area I have always been interested in. I used to major in Mechanical Engineering, and after I had attended the training, I switched majors to System Analysis and Development.

In addition to offering development to employees, Stara searched with SENAI (National Service for Industrial Training) for a course for Information Technology (Mobile Developer) to provide the young to get familiarity with this area. The lessons are given in the SENAI lab and Stara facilities.

The company encourages its employees to seek development and receive opportunities.