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Stara, which is a company in considerable growth, invests in its employees and provides personal and professional development for people with teamwork skills and who are looking for new challenges. If you are one of these people, apply for a job to become part of this team.

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Stara is a family business that is innovative and has become a reference in the manufacture of agricultural machinery for the quality and technology applied. Stara operates throughout Brazil and on five continents, exporting to 35 countries. This is only possible because Stara has committed professionals who show initiative and excellent ideas. And the result? The best agricultural machinery manufactured in Brazil.

Under the motto of Constant Evolution, Stara seeks to reward the employee’s efforts, creating and managing the best forms of internal recognition and growth. To accomplish that, it counts on internal projects, which aim at attracting, discovering and retaining new talents, always seeking employee’s recognition by inserting them in their area of greater affinity.

Meet the main areas in Stara:

Management Departments

Stara’s Management Departments comprise Human Resources Department, Supplying Department, Finance Department, Accounting Department, among others. The professionals in this area are committed to the company’s philosophy by giving support to its growth.

Manufacturing facilities

A modern and updated factory facility is what the professionals who seek the manufacturing area will find at Stara. From forming (tooling, cutting, and stamping) to assembly, Stara offers optimum working conditions, based on concepts of sustainability, ergonomics, and best manufacturing practices.

Research and Development Department 

Innovation is a striking feature of Stara products and could not be different from professionals working in Research and Development Department, including the Engineering and IT Departments. For this reason, Stara pursues creative and innovative professionals who are in tune with the latest technology and anticipate the farmer’s needs.

Sales Department   

Stara seeks dynamic and prepared professionals to serve its customers once the company operates throughout Brazil and on the five continents. Employees of the Sales Department can work in the After-Sales Department, Marketing Department, among others. This versatility allows them to have a direct relationship with the customers and the network of dealerships.

When people are hired, they become part of Stara Family. They have the right to take part in plenty of programs and special benefits that aim encouragement and acknowledge the efforts of everyone who work for the company.

Main benefits:
– Dental assistance;
– Complete health insurance plan (Unimed company), valid for national territory. The company pays 100% of the insurance plan fee for the employees and their dependent children or other dependent relatives. The tuition fee follows the table for business plans and age;
– Profit sharing;
– Dining hall facility;
– Life insurance;
– Meal card;
– Transport ticket;
Empresa Cidadã Program (it is a Brazilian governmental program regulated by law) It grants the following rights: 6-month maternity leave and Paternity leave for more than 15 days;
– Break room (wide room so that employees can rest).


Great Place to Work 

Stara is a great company to work for, certified by Great Place to Work – GPTW group, a worldwide consultancy that at recognizing organizations that value people around the world. A survey is carried out with employees impartially, with questions related to the employees day by day in the company. This survey is necessary in order to get certified. Only companies that achieve grades above 7 receive the certification, as Stara.

Stara believes and invests in the youth talent. That is why the company offers internship programs. The young employees have the chance to perform in several departments of the company where they can apply their knowledge and experience the company daily routine.

The program also offers the interns plenty of benefits and the opportunity to be hired, according to the performance put in during the internship period.

Besides the tuition payment plan, the interns have the right of several benefits offered by the company.

From the moment the employees are hired, their skills process start too. First, the employee attends the Programa de Integração Institucional e Funcional (Program of Institutional and Functional Integration in Portuguese), where the employees are told about the history, culture, and values of the company. In addition to the activities regarding their jobs to be performed at Stara.

The development program is continuous at Stara, being guided by the learning trails. Training is offered as much in class as online, by means of the portal do colaborador (employee portal in Portuguese).

How can I register my resume?

To fill out your online resume, proceed as follows:

1) Click on Register your resume and follow the available job offers;
2) Click on Login, on the screen right-hand side top;
3) Click on Create an account;
4) Fill out all required fields, then click on Create an account. Next, you will receive a notification in your email address. By clicking on this notification, you will be directed to the applicant page. Click on the tab My profile, and fill out your resume.  Click on Save to finish the register.

*You must fill out all fields identified with an asterisk in red (*).
* It is very important to keep your data updated at all times.
* If you have attended several courses or have considerable professional experience, fill out the most relevant ones in your register and the other ones in your resume. Then attach it. Both the online resume and the one attached will be analyzed.

What documents do I need to register my resume?

It is mandatory to have an email account. You will also need your social number, a digital photo and information on courses and professional experience.

I haven’t worked yet, can I register my resume?

Yes. We make offers available for first job, without the need of previous job experience.

After registering my resume, do I need to call or send the company an email to be sure my resume will be analyzed?

No. After finishing your register, you will receive a message in your email, confirming that your resume is now included in our data base. All the same, the team responsible for Hiring and Recruiting will receive this information and then analyze it.

Can I send my resume by email?

No. The job offers are available on the company website. So, to participate of our recruitment process, it is crucial the applicant have a register on our website and keep it updated. It is also possible to attach your resume to the register. You can also indicate the departments you are interested in, and be notified every time a job offer is available.

There aren’t any job offers, can I register my resume anyway?

Yes. The registered resumes will be stored in our database. When new job offers are open, they will be analyzed.

How can I register my resume if I don’t have any email address?

To register, you must have an email account. If it is not possible, come to our Human Resources department.

How long will my resume remain active at Stara data base?

Your register will remain active for 3 years. If you don’t access it within this period of time, it will be deleted automatically. Keep your register updated for Stara to reach you easily.

How can I update or correct my data?

To update the data in your resume, access your register, click on the tab My profile, and then update the necessary changes. Remember to click on Save to confirm the update.

How can I change my password?

To change your password, follow the steps below:

1-) Access your resume, enter your email address and password;
2-) Click on the tab Change Password on the screen top right-hand side;
3-) On the password change field, enter your current password, your new password, and then type your new password again. Click on Change password.

How will I be notified of a new job offer I'm interested in?

You create a job offer alert to be notified every time a job you’re interested in is available.

To create it, proceed as follows:

1) Access your register;
2) On the home screen, the tab Search and Saved Alerts, click on Create a new job alert;
3) Fill out the required fields;
4) Click on Save.

If there is any job offer you’re interested in, we will contact you by phone or email. That’s why it’s very important to keep your data updated, especially your contact information.

How can I apply for internship offers?

For internship offers you must register your resume in the same way, select the area of interest internship and fill out the fields Exclusive for Internship. In this field you will indicate the areas you’re interest in and inform previous internship experience.