Why apply nitrogen to the corn crop?

Why apply nitrogen to the corn crop?

Fertiliser application is an ally to ensure high yields for your crop. For corn crops, for example, the nitrogen application influences the results. As the soil doesn’t have enough nitrogen to meet the needs of all crop stages, it is recommended to apply nitrogen to result in healthier plants, and consequently, higher yield.

The nitrogen management can start in the wintertime or the previous summertime since the previous crop also affects the nutrient availability in the soil. As the legumes settle and provide faster nitrogen, the farmer can choose the bird-vetch seeds, which can be applied by Imperador 3.0 or Imperador 2000 through the Ponte Verde System.

Studies conducted by the Aquarius Project show that fertiliser with nitrogen provides a significant boost in yield and higher application efficiency of this nutrient. It is recommended the nitrogen installment application. Start at the base, together with the sowing and performing up to three applications, apply to late crop stages included, such as after the flowering stage. To ease late crop stage applications, Hércules 4.0, Hércules 6.0 and Imperador 3.0 can be used. They deliver excellent application quality and meter precision.

Additionally, the self-propelled spreaders feature the twin feedgate system that closes one of the sides of the hopper to prevent the application on areas that have already received the product. As a result, there is an economy of up to 2.58% in fertiliser and overlap reduction.

To optimize this process, Syncro can be used. Syncro is an exclusive technology from Stara and is available on planters and self-propelled spreaders and sprayers. Through Syncro, you synchronize up to four machines with the same function to operate in the same field and provide better operational planning.

Stara provides the farmers with state-of-the-art technologies so they can have positive results.







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