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Hércules 6.0

Established tradition combined with superior quality in spreading

Stara established tradition, in manufacturing self-propelled spreaders, combined with superior quality in spreading has made Hércules 6.0 a leader on the Brazilian market.
Hércules 6.0 spreader delivers outstanding application quality, precise metering, and high operational yield, resulting in crop results optimisation.
Dosage Accuracy
Dosage Accuracy

By means of Topper 5500, Hércules 6.0 performs applications with fixed or variable rates. The product metering information is sent to an electric central (Universal POD), which through the sensors and proportional valve allow for the range of the application rate. So that the conveyor belt rotation changes the product application metering according to the operation need.
Its greatest advantage is application precision indicated by the metering prescription maps. Only the required is applied for each area, resulting in fertilizer savings and boosting productivity.


Hécules 6.0 is factory-assembled with Conecta, the agile and at no cost after-sales available straight to your cabin. Conecta is a remote access service that connects the machine, in real time, to the Stara After-sales technician in the factory. The connection is established through Topper 5500, ensuring a fast and assertive support.



The machine is designed to work with Syncro System. By means of this exclusive Stara system, up to four Hércules 6.0 machines may work synchronized on the same field and communicate to each other via radio, thus avoiding overlaps and generating savings to the farmer. It boosts operation efficiency.

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