Stara launches two new products for spreading lineup

Stara launches two new products for spreading lineup

With tradition in spreading efficiency, combined with innovation and technology, Stara launches two novelties: the self-propelled spreader Hércules 4.0 and the spreader by gravity Bruttus 12000. The machines were launched the last 14 April, during a broadcast to Stara dealers, resellers, and salespeople.

The CEO of Stara, Átila Stapelbroek Trennepohl, and commercial director, Márcio Fülber, presented the new machines in a crop field. “It is in our soil, in our ground, it is in the crop field that our machines produce more food for the world, that generate wealth and development. Therefore, there is no better place to present novelties. The product launching shows that despite the pandemic, we are investing in technology and developing new products, Stara never stops,” said Átila.

Stara family of self-propelled spreaders has grown due to Hércules 4.0, maintaining the agility and efficiency in absolute spreading operations. One of the greatest novelties is the Smart 4-Wheel Steering System, as an optional feature, which reduces by up to 45% the crop damage on boundaries and steering procedures in your crop field.

Load capacity of 4 m³ and spreading range of up to 36 m, Hércules 4.0 delivers a high operational efficiency of up to 60 ha/h. Coefficient of variation below 12% that provides spreading uniformity and precision. Its Twin Feedgate System allows for the closing of only one side of the hopper, avoiding product application in the areas that have already received the product, generating savings of 2.58%.

The new Hércules 4.0 provides you with the most comprehensive technological package in its category: Topper 5500 SL, TD3 auto-steering, Conecta, and the optional features Telemetria Stara and Syncro.

Another novelty in the spreading lineup is the new Bruttus 12000, which guarantees absolute precision and uniformity in spreading by gravity of substances for soil regulation and fertilisers, in addition to being the only one in its category that is transportable. It is equipped with a tank of up to 12,000kg capacity, which provides great operation autonomy.

The application height is 1.25 m, and the application range of the new Bruttus 12000 is 6.7 m, which provides high operational efficiency and speed range, keeping the spreading quality.

To ensure greater terrain copying during spreading operations, the new Bruttus 12000 features two wheelset systems. These wheelsets are mounted beneath the hopper, which eases access to the loading process. On the other hand, the tyres with high-pressure fluctuation prevent the soil from becoming compacted. As optional features, Bruttus 12000 provides you with Telemetria Stara and Syncro.

Two great novelties from Stara that guarantee the optimum spreading the farmer needs.