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Bruttus 12000


Bruttus 12000 spreader by gravity ensures great application uniformity and precision in the spreading of substances for soil regulation and granulated fertilisers. Spreading by gravity minimizes the wind action and allows particles to be placed directly on the soil and its use is optimized. The hopper is 12,000kg capacity, providing greater operation autonomy.
Precision in fertilisers and substances for soil regulation spreading
Precision in fertilisers and substances for soil regulation spreading

It is equipped with a rubber conveyor belt that provides higher precision in spreading operations. It delivers an application height of 1.25 m, in addition to featuring the PWM system for application rate setting and operate with fixed or variable rates. When operating with variable rate, product metering is automatically setup as the recommendations of the application map imported from Topper 5500 controller, as a consequence you can get the most out of the products and increase yield.

Easy to clean and load
Easy to clean and load

Tilting hopper that features protective grille pieces that are hydraulically driven, which eases their cleaning process. Additionally, it has side and front flanges, which prevent product waste during loading, and inner agitators that prevent product build-up on the hopper walls.

It is equipped with two wheelset systems with rocker arms that allow for greater terrain copying during spreading operations. These wheelsets are mounted beneath the hopper, which eases access to the loading process. The tyres with high-pressure fluctuation prevent the soil from becoming compacted.

Easy to transport
Easy to transport

Since the chassis is articulated, it reduces the spreader width to 3.18 metres, as a result, it is easier to transport the implement on narrow roadways, gates, and bridges. Bruttus 12000 is the only transportable spreader by gravity on the market.


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