New Stara Telemetria: a smart solution for your farm

New Stara Telemetria: a smart solution for your farm

The farmer’s need to manage the farm operations more effectively has encouraged Stara to launch to the market the New Telemetria Stara, with tools for analysis and management.

Through the New Telemetria Stara is possible to obtain real-time information from the machines in the crop field. It provides more agility in decision making, control of activities performed on the farm, and monitoring of operations.

According to Átila Stapelbroek Trennepohl, Stara’s CEO, this technology will improve the farmer’s work. “Telemetria Stara provides relevant information for business management at various levels and can meet different demands. It features several solutions within Telemetria that meet the farmer needs. I’m sure it will provide plenty of advantages to our customers”, he guarantees.

Telemetria Stara was launched in 2015 and has now received a package with many new features. After a survey with farmers, several upgrades were made to deliver smarter solutions to farmers. The main novelties are:

– Application: through the Telemetria Stara application, the farmer receives real-time notifications on the cell phone about the performed operations. In addition, you can check the path of the machines and the operation summary;

– Integrations: eases integration with third-party software, such as management systems. The New Telemetria Stara allows you to export data from the machine via the CAN Network or API.

Some upgrades have also been implemented on the Telemetria Stara web portal so that farmers can take advantage of more benefits. The main novelties on the portal are:

– Operation statistics: now you can follow fuel consumption while the machine is operating;

– Operation Maps: in addition to seeing the operation maps, you can compare two maps, for example, of applied rate and required rate;

– Sending maps: allows you to send maps through Telemetria Stara directly to Topper without the need for a flash drive;

– Stop reasons: it is possible to monitor the fleet more efficiently. The farmer can have a full report of the machine stop time, its availability for better usage by using the stop reasons. The New Telemetria Stara comes with some stop reasons already logged and allows you to create up to 30 customized reasons.

By using Telemetria Stara, the farmers have their farms in the palm of their hands.