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Precision Agriculture

Telemetria Stara

Real-time information in the palm of your hand

Through this system, you can manage your operations in the crop field in real-time. Any device that has Internet access will provide you with. Telemetria Stara allows the farmer to plan work logistics, optimize the fleet, reduce operational costs and avoid crop losses.


Telemetria Stara allows the farmer to monitor and know exactly what the settings are on a particular machine. At any given time, you can check a vehicle’s path tracking, status, speed, date and time, fuel consumption, engine temperature, and machine hour meter. Telemetria Stara helps you on planning job logistics, optimizing the fleet, reducing costs, and avoiding waste and losses.


Dosage and Overlap
Dosage and Overlap

Through the dosage map, it is possible to identify whether the machine is applying the desired amounts, as previously planned. Through Telemetria Stara, the farmer can also monitor overlaps, avoiding the waste of input and resources, bringing additional improvements regarding sustainability.