5 reasons to choose the Absoluta planter

5 reasons to choose the Absoluta planter

To ensure an efficient and precise planting process, Stara provides a line of planters with excellent structure and plenty of technologies. One of them is the Absoluta planter . It precisely and fast distributes seeds, consequently, increases yield.

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Great operation autonomy

One of the remarkable features of the Absoluta planter is the central hopper that eases the loading process, distributes the weight with uniformity. Thereby, it requires less tractor engine power. As a result, it provides great operation autonomy and operating yield.

The model 61-56 features a capacity of up to 6,100 kg of seeds, resulting in an average operating yield of 20 hectares per planting hour. On the other hand, the models 40-37, 44-41 and 48-45 feature a capacity of up to 3,800 kg with an average yield of 16 ha/h. The models 26-24, 28-36, 32-30, and 34-32 add a hopper capacity of up to 3,000 kg and average yield of 12 ha/h. The capacity may vary according to the product density, and operating yield may vary depending on the equipment logistics and operation speed.

Better terrain copy

The articulated chassis can copy the terrain with uniformity even over terraced fields and keeps constant pressure and suitable depth in the planting row units. The chassis articulation can reach up to 20° for some models, 10° upwards and 10° downwards.

To accomplish that, the Absoluta planter adds from 3 to 7 modules, depending on the model, distributing the weight with uniformity on the modules, as a consequence, avoiding damages and reducing soil compaction. An example is Absoluta 61, the only planter in the Brazilian market with 7 modules. It can have up to 16 tires (4 central and 1 side ones) to avoid soil compaction.

Better straw flow

Absoluta delivers better straw flow. The planter has cutting disks for each operation need. They efficiently and precisely cut the straw and ensure it keeps on the furrows where the seeds and fertiliser are placed. Therefore, it provides better plantability and uniform seed distribution.

The cutting disks related to a higher ground clearance in relation to the ground avoid blocks that occur when there is straw build-up in the row units and making the operation harder. Additionally, the offset row units for cutting and seeds provide higher straw flow.

Easy to be transported

The articulated system with a side-folding process on Absoluta planter eases transport on narrow roadways, bridges and across gates.


Technology package

The Stara planter is equipped with plenty of technologies, such as the Row-by-Row Shut-Off System. It shuts off automatically the planting row units at the exact time the monitor detects the area where it has already been planted.

In addition to ConectaTelemetria Stara and optional technologies, exclusive from Stara, Syncro and The Zero Crop Damage.

Are you curious to see Absoltua planter operating? Click here to watch the video.