“Stara has evolved, and we have evolved with Stara”

“Stara has evolved, and we have evolved with Stara”

A company that provides opportunities for its employees to grow along with it. This is how Ricardo defines Stara. He has been working in the Welding line for 13 years. He started working in the Sanding line and then in the steel grit blasting. Later on, he took a welding course provided by Stara and started working as a welder.

Ricardo, who lived in Tapera, state of the Rio Grande do Sul, is happy to work at Stara: “A family business that we feel at home in because of its transparency with employees and customers”. He highlights the plenty of benefits are provided, such as the health insurance plan, dental care, the Profit Sharing Program (PLR), the delivery of food parcels, and the events promoted with the employees’ well-being in mind.

“We see that plenty of technology is being invested in and training for employees. There many opportunities to grow. Stara has evolved, and we have evolved with Stara”, he emphasizes.

For Ricardo, Stara doesn’t focus on the company growth only, but on the community too. He mentioned the campaign to collect food, toys and clothing: “I get touched when I see the deliveries”. Ricardo points out that Stara mission is also to help feed the world through its food-producing machines.

The professional achievement of our employees encourages us to keep evolving.