Stara shares profits with its employees

Stara shares profits with its employees

Joyfully, Stara shares profits with its employees. Even in an atypical moment, the company continues with its Profit Sharing Plan (PLR). On Wednesday 14, the company announced its profit for the first half of 2021, which by the way, exceeded expectations.

In total, more than R$4 million will be shared among the employees. As a result, the regional economy will benefit from it.

Profit sharing is an action that has been developed at Stara for plenty of years and follows the teachings of Franciscus Johannes Stapelbroek, Seu Chico, one of the founders of the company who once said: “If the boss is doing well, so are you”.

The employees will receive the benefit next Friday 16th. The second PLR instalment is the total profit of the year and will be released in early 2022. Currently, Stara has more than 3,400 employees in its three subsidiaries: Não-Me-Toque (headquarters), Carazinho and Santa Rosa.