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Originality with quality guaranteed

All the reliability and quality that the Stara products provide you can find in the Original Spare Parts Stara.

The spare parts are of high performance and the agility in the delivery of the parts helps farmers to produce even more. Stara company has ISO 9001 certification and the Original Spare Parts Stara are designed and produced with the same technology that you find in our agricultural machinery, which guarantees good performance and durability for the machine, with the support and product warranty that only Stara can provide.

Demonstrating your concern about replacement of original spare parts, Stara makes investments in what there are of more innovative and technological in procedures and production methods, storage, separation and packaging, providing security and quality when you buy spare parts, furthermore, we invest tightly in expansions of our industrial park and in the specialization of our employees, all of that to ensure the satisfaction of our clients as well the preservation and durability of our machinery.

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