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Asa Laser Line

The greatest subsoiler in Brazil

Asa Laser subsoiler soil operations are vibrating. This feature increases soil decompaction between the crop rows and reduces the required power of up to 10% in relation to other subsoiler equipment. Soil decompaction benefits the plant rooting growing and better water infiltration. Asa Laser performs soil decompaction by reaching a depth of 45cm, thus preserve previous crops remains on the surface. It helps to protect the soil from rainwater effects and sun rays. Available models: Asa Laser H, CR, CR-DCR, KS, and for sugar cane crops.
Sugar cane crops

Sugar cane crops

Asa Laser for sugar cane crops was especially engineered for hard operations on those crops. In addition to be designed for ripping soil compaction of up to 62 cm deep. It features an automatic shutdown system. Its disks are independent and adjustable, sized to cut large amounts of crops remains.

Asa Laser KS

Asa Laser KS

Its great advantage is avoiding soil decompaction. It provides the plants to develop their rooting growing on soft soil, as a consequence, they use all its profile volume quickly, before the natural densification. Soil decompaction is usual in areas where best agronomic practices haven’t been applied, such as the crop rotation. To reduce some operations such as harrowing and seeding, the use of Asa Laser KS allows for significant cost reduction when sowing crops such as oats, millet, wheat, and brachiaria.