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Planters and Seeders


Absolutely efficient in planting from the first to the last row unit

Absoluta is a pneumatic planter that is developed to provide agility and efficiency when planting where the application of fertiliser occurs in a different operation. It is available to models from 26 to 61 row units. It performs precise and agile planting, thus increasing productivity. The chassis is robust and flexible, and it can be articulated to provide great terrain copy, consequently ensuring efficient planting from the first to the last row unit. Absoluta pneumatic planter also has considerable autonomy, besides being easy to transport.
*Spacing between row units is 45 cm.
Terrain copy

Terrain copy

Absoluta’s terrain copy is possible due to its pneumatic springs. These springs maintain the planting uniformity and depth. Also, they allow the ideal weight distribution and a broad articulation range up to 18°  (for 61-row model).

The most efficient planting in Brazil

The most efficient planting in Brazil

Stara provides the farmer with the most efficient planting in Brazil. The Row-by-Row Shut-Off System is comprised of the Stara Precise Seed Placement that saves up to 5.03% in seeds, and the Control System that allows for instant adjustment of the seed rate from 0.1 in 0.1 per meter. Through the variable rate, you can range fertilizer metering and seed, according to the management zones. This is your machine ready for the future!