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Spraying Nozzles

Technology on target

Stara spray nozzles are designed to guarantee chemicals application quality. They can be used in all Stara spray lineup.
Stara 3D spray nozzles provide 10% more of efficiency on weeds control with pre emerged pesticides when compared to uniform spray.
Stara broad fan spray nozzle

Stara broad fan spray nozzle

Perfect for wide crop cover applications, It produces small size uniform droplets that guarantee excellent coverage in the target, indicated for insecticides and fungicides in general, when the weather conditions are favorable to work with smaller droplets. It produces a fan spray of 110° and great spreading evenness.

Stara 3D

Stara 3D

Stara 3D spray nozzles allow a cover with standard droplets size which helps to reduce drift within 60 and 75% when compared to conventional spray nozzles.
For the nozzles become more efficient, install them in an alternate way on the spray boom, that is, one nozzle tip pointing forwards, then the next one pointing backwards and so on.
It helps to provide wider cover on both sides of the plant.