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Grain Carts

Reboke Ninja

Agility champions

Reboke Ninja grain carts are engineered to transport grains and reach high operation performance. Available models: Reboke Ninja 19000 - 19m³ capacity, Reboke Ninja 24000 - 24m³ capacity, Reboke Ninja 33000 - 33m³ capacity, and Reboke Ninja 40000 - 40m³ capacity.

Great turning radius

Great turning radius

It features the greatest turning radius of its category, which eases crop steering operations and avoids steering system damages.



The unloading tube of Reboke Ninja grain carts has high unloading capacity performed by two augers only. Besides angular alignment between the two stages of the auger which allows the operator to inspect grain unloading. Another advantage is its unloading tube of 500 mm, that is more agile and faster when unloading grains.