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Precision Agriculture

Veris CE

Innovation in soil sensing

It is a sensor developed to measure soil electrical conductivity. By using this equipment, it is possible to classify the areas according to their physicochemical properties and export it to a map. Once the maps have been generated, it is possible to collect soil samples more easily and smartly.
Veris Innovation

By using this technology, it is possible to perform soil sampling on areas indicated by Veris. It assures more precision in the analyzed generated maps. Additionally, it applies fertilizers using variable rate or adjusts plant population in each area, having in mind distinct working areas and increasing yield.

Correlation with electrical conductivity

The use of electrical conductivity is an important tool for decision making when it comes to working with Precision Agriculture. The information generated by Veris is correlated with factors that interfere in the yield, among them soil texture and its physicochemical properties. This way Veris becomes a great tool to working area creation for soil analyses.

More information
More information

Veris soil electric conductivity metering is compatible with the Climate FieldView™ platform, where electric conductivity maps are imported and taken into account for further decision making by using this platform.

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