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Super Bruttus 30000

The largest implement with spreading system by gravity

Super Bruttus 30000 is the largest gravitational spreader for substances for soil regulation on the market. Its load capacity is of 18.75 m³ and application width of 12 metres. The spreader can work at 15 km/h. This operation speed ensures an approximate performance of 200 ha/day*. Another remarkable feature of Super Bruttus spreader is the fact that its sections can be folded and unfolded. It eases terrain copy over uneven surfaces or terraced field. It also guarantees higher precision on substances for soil regulation application.
*It may vary according to the product density and terrain type.
*Approximate value.
Remarkable features
Remarkable features

Super Bruttus 30000 features a single shutdown for each section, which minimizes product application overlap. Super Bruttus 30000 is factory-installed with Topper 5500. Additionally, it can apply with variable rate.



Stara’s unique system to transport the machine helps when it is necessary to travel on narrow roads and bridges. It consists of a 3-section chassis frame that reduces itself in size by folding the side wings. This versatility reduces Super Brutus 30000 width from 15 meters to 6.6 meters, and, hence, makes it easier to move it from one area to another, passing by roads, streets, gates, and narrow bridges with no problem. The wings folding and unfolding process is fully hydraulic, activated throughTopper 5500.

Telemetria Stara
Telemetria Stara

The farm in the palm of your hand. Through this system, it is possible to manage your operations in the crop field in real-time. Any device with Internet access, will provide you with.

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