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Leveling Graders

Starplan 3000 and 5000

Hydraulic-reversible land levelling

Starplan 5000 lineup was engineered to level the land, perform construction work, close trenches, reconstruct country roads, build waterways, remove construction bases (medium or large ones), and correct land formation in the crop field. Stara makes available to the farmer the hydraulic-reversible land levelling. Available models: 3000 and 5000.
Horizontal rotation
Horizontal rotation

Starplan is equipped with a 96° horizontal rotation mechanism in the 3000 version and 95° in the 5000 model. The horizontal swivel makes adjustments an easy task and prevents the operator from having to get off the tractor for manual procedures.

24° vertical rotation
24° vertical rotation

Starplan 5000 allows a 24° vertical rotation. This mechanism makes it possible to work better on uneven terrain and get better performance with less operation time and lower fuel consumption.




Starplan may be equipped with hydraulic blades, that allow for cutting angle change from the tractor cabin, not being necessary the operator to leave the tractor. More accuracy when positioning the blade.


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