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Grain Carts

Reboke Inox

Agile and practical in the transport of grains and fertiliser

Reboke Inox (Stainless steel) grain carts are engineered to transport grains and fertiliser. The transport and loading of grains and fertiliser are fast and safe. It is made of stainless steel to be high-resistant to corrosion caused by fertilizers. It also increases the grain cart durability.
Reboke Inox available models: Reboke 15000 Inox - capacity of 15 m³, Reboke 20000 Inox - capacity of 20 m³, Reboke 25000 Inox - capacity of 25 m³, and Reboke 30000 Inox - capacity of 30 m³.

Its auger tube offers high discharge capacity with only 2 augers and angular positioning between its 2 stages, making it more accessible to the operator who can easily see the grain discharge and do the necessary maneuvers. Equipped with a Telescopic Tube, this implement is developed to be practical when assisting in fertilizer and seed delivery.

The best turning radius
The best turning radius

This implement facilitates maneuvers in the field and avoids damages in the directional system. It is a fast grain cart that increases yield due to less soil compaction and excellent stability.

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