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Reboke 12000 TSI

Greater capacity for instant seed treatment

Reboke 12000 TSI is a piece of equipment that provides seed treatment and supplies the planters.
It is developed to protect seeds. It features a patterned belt with side guard that reduces the mechanical seeds damage when they are conducted from Reboke to the planters.
The difference you can see
The difference you can see

Reboke 12000 TSI is an implement for seeds treatment. It is equipped with a conveyor belt with straight vanes in the center, and sidewards flexible bellows. This system reduces significantly the seed mechanical damage, which may occur during the seeds transport from Reboke to the planters.


Graphite System
Graphite System

Reboke 12000 TSI offers a system that incorporates graphite to the seed inside the auger tube. This treatment ensures even planting process and avoids planter wear. The graphite system is equipped with a stainless steel sprocket, responsible for moving the graphite to avoid product build-up.

Product Tank
Product Tank

Reboke 12000 TSI is equipped with three 35-liter polyethylene tanks designed to hold pesticides and inoculants. The pesticides tanks (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, among others) are intended for seed protection. The inoculant tank is thermal, which makes its use enhanced, and ensures the survival of the (Rhizobium) bacteria for a more extended period. All tanks comprise an internal agitator system, that avoids product density and product build-up at the tank bottom.

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