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Front Loaders

PAD Diamante and Prata Séries

Higher performance and greater capacity when lifting load

Stara front end loaders (PAD) are available for Diamante Series and Prata Series. They have excellent performance and load lifting capacity.
They feature an anti-fall valve located in the side hydraulic cylinders. If the hydraulic system hose breaks, this valve interrupts the oil flow, so the system is blocked to prevent accidents and equipment damages.
The PAD from Stara are versatile and provide optional features attachment such as buckets, blades, lifting hoist for a big bag, among others.

PAD Diamante Series line comprises a unique joystick operation system that allows you to operate all functions of the front loader immediately. The system is optional, and it is equipped with a safety lock to prevent unintentional movements.

FLASH multi-connector
FLASH multi-connector

Another feature of Diamante Series is the “FLASH” multi-connector, by which the operator can connect and disconnect all hydraulic circuits in a single operation. This function avoids possible connection errors and oil leakage, which would contaminate the soil.

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