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Hércules 24000 C

Precision and high performance on fertilisers, seeds, and substances for soil regulation spreading

Hércules 24000 spreaders are perfect for farmers that wish great work autonomy in spreading dry or wet lime, dry agricultural gypsum, fertiliser, and seeds. The equipment can operate with fixed or variable rates, according to the area needs. Consequently, the operator can get the most out of the products.
Adjustable feedgate
Adjustable feedgate

This device was developed to save in fertilizer when finishing a job, or when applying in borders or end rows. It is also effective for areas which have already had their application done, as it avoids overlaps, following the ideal amount recommended and correcting the existing soil variations.

Real-time sampling
Real-time sampling

When operating with variable rate, product metering is automatically adjusted as the recommendations of the application map imported from Topper 5500 SL controller. Its greatest advantage is application precision indicated by the metering prescription maps. Only the required amount is applied for each area, resulting in fertiliser savings and boosting productivity.

Additionally, it features an automatic scale that shows in real-time, the product level in the hopper. As a result, it allows the operator to manage scheduled stops for loading and improves time management.

Roll-On System
Roll-On System

The Roll On system enables to disengage the hopper in few minutes and to engage any other kind of bucket. It provides high practicality and can leave the truck able to other kinds of operations, obtaining quick return of the investment by optimizing the use of the truck.

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