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Hércules 15000 Inox, 10000 Inox and 24000

Precision and high performance on fertilisers and substances for soil regulation spreading

Hércules drawn spreaders are ideal for spreading substances for soil regulation, fertiliser, and seeds with great evenness and application quality. The equipment can operate with fixed or variable rates, according to the area needs. Consequently, the operator can get the most out of the products.

The granulometry of fertilizers applied with the trailed Hercules maintain itself in the percentage of 75% of whole grains. This fact happens due to the product direction in the spreading vane, and the discs spin position at the moment of application, which reduces costs and takes full advantage of the fertilizer benefits.

Hércules 24000
Hércules 24000

Drawn Hércules 24000 is ideal for spreading powdered and granulated products, in addition to seeds of various types and sizes, including low metering.

Hércules 24000

It is the ideal equipment to spread powdered and granulated products, as well as seeds of various types and sizes, even in small dosages.

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