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The cultivator and soil decompaction equipment that is perfect for no-till farming

Fox cultivator eliminates soil decompaction and at the same time saves the straw. It provides greater rainwater storage capacity, consequently improves the plant roots growing and increases productivity.
Fox is the first cultivator in Brazil. The equipment is the result from studies and research carried out by Stara along with the Aquarius project. It is concluded that soil compaction is one of the causes that limits yield.

The primary purpose of the Fox cultivator is to break up the compaction layer that is formed in the soil, especially in no-tillage areas. In these areas, the densification of the soil is common, at depths of 15 to 20cm, caused by the traffic of agricultural machinery. By using the cultivator, the dense layer is broken, providing more water infiltration. It allows better plant roots development and reduces the erosion caused by rainwater runoff.

Fox KS
Fox KS

Fox is equipped with the optional KS seed kit that features a seed hopper by gravity for winter crops. Its seeds spreading system is activated through the levelling roller by chains.

Cultivador arm
Cultivador arm

Its cultivator arm is 30 mm thick, unequal arm angle, to perform liming, that provides narrow furrows, less soil turn over, and require reduced tractor power, as a result, it cuts down fuel consumption in 25%. The vibrating soil decompaction system provides a uniform decompaction on the soil profile that breaks thick layers.


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