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Precision Agriculture

Evolution RTK

Long-range precision

RTK Evolution is the first system for signal correction that was developed for farming operations by a Brazilian company. This Stara product works with both fixed or moving bases, depending on the terrain and the distance between the areas. Locations with considerable obstacles between the machine and the base, Evolution RTK features signal repeaters, fixed and movable. Their purpose is to widen the signal reach for areas with obstacles that are not covered by the base signal.
Precision is of 2.5 cm
Precision is of 2.5 cm

The Evolution RTK pass-to-pass precision is of 2.5 cm, having a signal coverage radius up to 15 km away from the base. It is the solution for precision in farming practices, reducing costs, and increasing yield, which provides more quality and sustainability in the agricultural operations. Evolution RTK is compatible with the Topper 5500 console.


RTK Assist Subscription
RTK Assist Subscription

RTK Assist subscription can be used when the machine loses contact (view) with RTK base for a short time, not being required the installation of a repeater. An example of the RTK Assist subscription operation is the application behind buildings or woods. The machine can remain up to 20 minutes with no contact with the base without losing centimetric precision (similar to RTK base).

RTK Assist subscription is an optional feature.


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