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The most precise planting to reach high yield

Cinderela planter offers great planting. It is recommended for corn, soybeans, beans, and cotton crops. Due to its chassis total articulation of 31°, 17º upwards and 14º downwards, the planter can offer better terrain copy, consequently ensuring planting evenness even when passing over uneven terrains.
Available models: Cinderela with seed hopper by gravity and Cinderela Top with central seed hopper.

To optimize planting and allow for standardized management in the field, Stara provides Syncro, a system for data transmission via radio that allows for synchronized communication between planters. The system offers better planting planning, practical operations, and more agility, once it allows up to 4 synchronized planters planting in the same field. A quality planting boosts even seeds emergence, generates seed saving and increases productivity by avoiding overlap and plants competition.

Seed hopper by gravity
Seed hopper by gravity

Cinderela features a seed hopper by gravity and is small. Its seed hopper capacity is of up to 1,020 kg, while the fertilizer hopper capacity is of 2,550 kg and highly resistant to corrosion.

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