Asa Laser KS

Decompress, seed and fix in the same operation

The Asa Laser is a subsoiler that has coupled seed box, besides decompress the soil, makes the seeding of small seeds in a single operation.
The bigger benefit from the Asa Laser KS is to avoid the reconsolidation of the soil, so the plants will expand its root system in a soft soil, quickly occupying all its volume profile, before the natural reconsolidation occurs. The reconsolidation is common in soils that do not have a good structure or are with low OM (Organic Matter) content.
By decreasing some operations as grading and seeding, the use of the Asa Laser KS allows an important reduction of costs in the crops implantation that allows its distribution by throw, such as oat, millet and wheat, in areas of no-tillage and bachiarias in pastures.
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