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Imperador 2000

The most complete self-propelled sprayer of this category

Imperador 2000 is a sprayer and a pneumatic seeder* on a single machine, which allows it to carry out all operations on the same path. This feature provides chemical savings and even cover crop seeding all over the booms. Due to performing these two operations, it delivers great cost-benefit.
* Optional feature
Ponte Verde System

Imperador 2000 is equipped with the exclusive Ponte Verde System. This pneumatic system provides the cover crop sowing over the entire boom length. It ensures better uniform coverage by using the same spray path trail, reducing operating time, crop damage losses and fuel consumption.

Cover crop is crucial for maintaining the soil protected. Ponte Verde System has minor coefficient of variation, 10%. In addition to high operational yield of 40 ha/h, and even seeding. Ponte Verde for more productive soil.


Imperador 2000 is assembled with a 2-compartment tank made of polyethylene, an exclusive Stara innovation. The outer compartment is used for spraying products, featuring 2-thousand-liter capacity and a design that also offers “wave breakers” to help the machine to maintain stability. It is equipped with a mechanical mixer with a propeller, which assures chemical solution evenness. The inner compartment, on the other hand, is equipped with a 1.5 m³  capacity for seeds.

Higher spraying efficiency

The Imperador lineup from Stara is the only in the world with central booms. The weight is distributed 50% on the machine rear side and 50% on the machine front side. It sprays 75% of the time in the ideal height. It ensures 58% higher spraying efficiency that its strongest competitor (¹).

1 – Data provided by FAPA– Portuguese acronym which stands for Agrarian Foundation of Agricultural Research

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