You can count on the Stara planting line for seed savings

You can count on the Stara planting line for seed savings

The Stara planters are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimum plantability and seed savings. At Show Rural Coopavel, the farmers can drop by Stara stand to check out a special place that shows the planting line and its technologies.

Through a simulator, it is possible to see the Row-by-Row Shut-off System, which automatically shuts off the planting row units the exact time the Topper 5500 controller detects the area where it has already been planted.

The simulator also shows the Control System in operation mode. It instantaneously adjusts the seed rare and fertiliser of the equipment by means of Topper 5500. This technology enables the planters to operate at a variable rate.

Zero Crop Damage

The Zero Crop Damage is our greatest novelty. It is an exclusive Stara technology and is available on our planters with Row-by-Row Shut-Off System.

The Zero Crop Damage provides seed savings of up to 4% since it performs the planting process with the automatic shut-off of the seed row units where sprayers and spreaders will pass over later.


We are waiting for you at our stand at Show Rural Coopavel until February 11th. Come and check our machinery and technologies that provide positive results to your crop field.