Why are the sprayer decontamination and cleaning important?

Why are the sprayer decontamination and cleaning important?

Carrying out the decontamination and cleaning after finishing the spraying operations, or even when changing the product is crucial to avoid crop field phytotoxicity and production losses. Besides prolonging the machine lifespan and its components.

To do that, in addition to the chemical solution agitation system, the Stara sprayers with the Continuous Recirculating System feature a highly efficient rinse. It is equipped with a double and rotational sprinkle to perform the inner cleaning of the machine spray tank, and also rinse to remove possible residues from chemical products.

Through the double mixer, the clean water together with the cleaning product chosen and used by the farmer are pushed with constant pressure in several directions on the tank and reaching all inner walls, even the harder places to reach, such as corners and bends. In other words, it carries out effective cleaning.

Always follow the cleaning and decontamination process following the manufacturer’s recommendation of each chemical product, according to their labels and wearing the proper PPE equipment for this purpose.

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As the machine spray pump is activated, this technology allows the solution to remain in constant circulation from the tank to all the piping system. As a result, it provides greater homogeneity and maintains the exact concentration of the product during application. Therefore, there is a better dilution of chemical products, resulting in greater phytosanitary control in the crop field and consequently providing higher quality and precision to the applications.

Moreover, as the solution is in constant circulation, the spraying system remains cleaner, minimizing to the maximum the residues created by the pesticide applications and guaranteeing better use and less waste. This technology also provides a longer component lifespan and makes it easier to clean the equipment when necessary.


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