The Stara grain carts provide agility for production

The Stara grain carts provide agility for production


To provide more agility and ease the production logistics, Stara offers the Reboke grain cart line. Available on two models: Reboke Inox for grain and fertilizer transport, and Reboke Ninja, specific for grain transport only.

Reboke Ninja and Inox are easy to be handled. They feature high transport capacity and fast grain and fertilizer unloading. In addition, they feature a great turning radius, which eases crop steering operations and avoids steering system damages.

Reboke Inox hopper is made of stainless steel to be high-resistant to corrosion caused by fertilizers. It also increases the grain cart durability. It is also equipped with an optional electromagnetic clutch which provides fertilizer loading through control activation.

The Reboke line features high flotation pressure tires* that avoid soil compaction during product transport. Due to their structure, these tires produce smaller furrows in the soil, preventing erosion. The high-flotation tires also have greater rotation force and stability, ensuring high equipment performance.

The Reboke grain carts optimize the crop field operations and ensure safety.

*Optional components for Reboke Ninja 19000, Reboke Ninja 24000, and Reboke Ninja 33000, Reboke 15000 Inox, Reboke 20000 Inox, and Reboke 25000 Inox.