Stara receives farmers from Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul

Stara receives farmers from Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul

On July 23, Stara open its doors to receive a group around 150 farmers from the area of Campo Mourão, Paraná, and from Rio Grande do Sul.

The farmers could know the branch office in Carazinho, where are made, mainly, the molting processes, and the head office in Não-Me-Toque, that is responsible for the industry processes and for the assembling the agricultural machines. The farmers were welcomed by the representative deoom the 4th generations of the Stapelbroek family in the company’s management, Nicole Trennepohl, which presented the company’s history. The farmers participate in a tour through  the industrial area from the company, knowing the way that the machines make since the cutting of the components until the dispatch.

In the afternoon, it was made a presentation of machines where the farmers could know better the Stara’s machines, besides the test drive in some models, such as the ST MAX 180 tractor.

After the presentation, the farmers participate of a lecture about management for high yields which showed results obtained in projects such as Aquarius and MAS (Stara’s Advanced Management).

On the night, the farmers participate of a fraternization, entertained by the Stara’s Band.