Stara receives employees and their families

Stara receives employees and their families

On October 17th, Stara held another edition of ‘Family Visiting’. In the afternoon, the company opened its doors to welcome employees and their families to know the history and the industrial park of Stara.

About 400 people participated in the activities that began with the presentation of the history of Stara told by Nicole Stapelbroek Trennepohl, a member of the 4th generation of the family in the company’s management. Later, the participants were invited to visit the company’s structure, visit the main sectors, from production scheduling to final assembly of the products.

“Bring the family factory is very exciting because we can show where we work and the Stara products. The factory can take a wider view we can not scale out there. I brought cousins and friends” says Carina Decker, employee of the IT sector. Nilton Petri, one of the cousins who came in to the visit, knew the out side of Stara. “It’s pretty cool to know the company. We could see the outside its growth, but seeing inside here is quite different. I imagined a totally different plant. I’m very surprised,” said Nilton.

The collaborator Vanessa Schreiner, from the Purchasing sector, brought her father and mother to visit the company. “I’m amazed. When we pass on the street, we can not imagine how it is inside. We love to know where our daughter works,” she says Solene, Vanessa’s mother. Her father, Alipio, was delighted. “It is very cool to visit, mainly to get to know the assemblies. I didn’t imagine how is making so many machines,” adds his Alipio.

The little Lucas came with his father William Fiorese, from the Machining sector, his mother and his grandparents and he loved the visit. “I like to see all the machines, especially the tractors. My father works in the midst of many huge machines,” says Lucas. “My mother got surprised by the size of the company, said it looks like a city. I feel very proud to work at Stara and I am very happy to show my workplace to my family, to be able to bring my son here” says William.

The Family Visiting takes place every six months, with a moment of integration between the company, employees and their families, reinforcing the sense of Stara Family.