Stara performed training about the Estrela planter

Stara performed training about the Estrela planter

On the days of July 28 to 31, Stara performed the training “the power of this Estrela depends on you” for specialists in planting from the dealers and consultants from the after-sales.

The training counted with the collaboration and participation of departments from the company, such as after-sales, quality, assembly, marketing and product engineering.

As told by the commercial director of the company, Márcio Fülber, this training is a part of a great project from the company in the planting line. André Willig, after-sales manager commented that is necessary knowledge to offer the best technical assistance. “The company is planning and projecting a promising future with the Estrela planter, with the differentials that the machines has. For it to really shine in the market and for the success of the machine, we need to perform the perfect technical delivery and accompaniment during the planting”, explained André.

Vagner Pereira, responsible by the Training Center form Stara, said that the training aim to expand knowledge about the Estrela planter. “The company aim the quality of products and services. The training and preparation of the contributors and dealer network is fundamental in all the products, in special the new planting concept inaugurated by the Estrela planter that allows to the client the improvement of the planting quality, high yield and better productivity”, says Vagner.

The training gather technicians from the dealer from the entire country, for practical and lectured trainings.