Stara had another edition of the Breakfast with the Direction

Stara had another edition of the Breakfast with the Direction

On August 11, Stara performed another edition of the Breakfast with the Direction, gathering around 100 employees and the company’s direction. At the opportunity, the employees and the direction members could fraternize with the colleagues of other departments of the company and the direction members, besides of receiving information about the market and the perspectives of the company.

The vice-president from Stara, Átila Stapelbroek Trennepohl, spoke to the guests about the results of the first semester and the perspectives for the rest of the year. “We had a complicated beginning this year, with a lot of political and economic turbulences and that reflected straight in our business. Today we have a light recovery of the market, what give us hope and, at the same time, increases our commitment of quality in all of our processes for the final result be satisfactory, for us, for the company and for our client friends”, said Átila.

The administrative and financial director, Fábio Bocasanta, the manufacture director, Lucas Arend, the research and development director, Cristiano Buss, and the director of the Stara Financeira, Cícero Ferreira, were present in the breakfast, such as the manager of human resources, Volmir Amann, and the patrimonial manager, Ricardo Diaz.

To end the morning, Átila spoke about the feeling of pride he feel working with a team like the one from Stara. “I know how much each one of our employees dedicates everyday to perform and excellent job. I am proud of working with this team, of us being colleagues”, said.

The Breakfast with the Direction is an activity performed monthly, being an opportunity to approximate the employees to the direction and the guests are responsible by spreading the information received during the breakfast in their departments.