Stara crosses the borders and conquers customers around the world

Stara crosses the borders and conquers customers around the world

Two thousand and twenty-one was a year of many accomplishments for Stara abroad, too. In May, the company made the Stara International official. An office in Rostov, Russia, was open, where a team of employees work.

The Stara Export manager, Jean Sébastien François Salaud, explains that Stara has been expanding its operations in the Eastern Europe through resellers, such as the new partnership with two new shops in Siberia. “We are building our history in this region. Today, we have a network of 17 active resellers that import machines and spare parts to Eastern Europe.

Another major step was to provide Conecta service in Russia and South Africa. Conecta is a remote support service that only Stara provides. The After-Sales technician in Russia can access the machine information in real time through Topper controller. It is easy, fast and via WhatsApp.

“Stara is positively seen due to the innovations it provides. Conecta has been strengthening this position of being a leader in technology since it is an exclusive service that makes the after-sales service stronger”, says Jean. He also mentions that the service has been accepted very well by the resellers. “They understand how important Conecta is and how satisfied the customer gets”

Stara took part for the first time as a manufacturer in the YugAgro in Krasnodar, Russia. The agricultural show is one of the most traditional ones for machines, pieces of equipment, and agricultural materials in the country. The show was from November 23rd to 26th.

Stara attended the trade show through its team in the country and presented its product lineup, highlighting the self-propelled sprayer Imperador 4000 and launching Conecta. Stara in Russia commercial representative, Vladimir Adas, highlights the importance of the brand participation in YugAgro: “It was a new experience to open new business opportunities”.

The launching of Stara Eurasia in social media was in 2021 too. It provides specific content for European and Asian countries whose spoken language is Russian.

For 2022, Jean says that the expectations couldn’t be better. “The market is extremely in favor for machine fleet renewal. The price of commodities is excellent. It provides safety for the farmer to invest”, he points out. Jean also highlights the opening of new reseller in other countries and other regions in Russia.

Stara keeps on evolving in Argentina

The brand has had a factory based in Argentina since 2019. The Stara products are traded in several resellers in that country. The Stara in Argentina commercial manager, Matias Marcolin, highlights that in a short period of time, Stara has grown significantly. “We expanded the number of resellers and deliveries. Therefore, we strengthened the brand operations to different regions”, he points out.

Matias tells about the Stara products reception in the Argentinian market: “Our products perfectly adapt to the farmers’ needs since they are state-of-art technology and good. The expectation is to offer more products to Argetina.”

One of the new Stara resellers in the country is TecnoAgro which is based in Sacháyoj, in Santiago del Estero, in the north. “The new reseller will provide better logistics as much for parts availability as for after-sales services, and a team prepared for quick response and quality,” explains Matias. The TecnoAgro reseller delivered three Imperador 4000 self-propelled sprayers in Chaco region in October.

To keep on expanding operations in the region, Matias highlights Stara commitment with customer service quality. “Our goal is to expand our operations in the region, meet the farmers’ needs with our products lineup and after-sales service, established as a brand standard”, he says

For Matias, the expectation for 2022 is to keep on evolving in Argentina. “Plenty of positivity with hard work and strength. Keep on expanding resellers and sales, gaining the customers’ trust with new products”, says Matias.

* In the picture below, Grigory Babakov, regional representative from Stara in Siberia and Far East, Pavel Khrenovsky, and Denis Vlasov, DalAgroliga reseller directors.