Princesa enchants the visitors of the exhibition Expodireto 2016

Princesa enchants the visitors of the exhibition Expodireto 2016

During the exhibition Expodireto Cotrijal 2016, the planter Princesa has been one of the highlights in the agricultural machinery sector. The Stara’s launch has attracted the attention of visitors for the functionality and innovations it brings.

Princesa is a planter that came to mark a new concept in planting. Suitable for the cultivation of corn, soybeans and cotton, it comes on the market to facilitate the life of the farmer, with the differential advantage of being articulated. It distributes seeds and fertilizer, and it is available on the models with 16, 18 or 20 lines.

The chassis of the Princesa has great joint, which provides the best terrain copying during planting, ensuring greater uniformity even in rough terrain. The transport system is unique and patented. The lateral articulation facilitates the passage on narrow roads, bridges and gates, because it reduces its size to only 4.85 meters in the model with 16 lines and 5,75 meters for the model of 18 lines.

Princesa is a compact and lightweight planter, available in two seed box models: central and suspended. It has the DPS (Stara Precise Distribution) that ensures greater uniformity in the distribution of seeds.

The model with central seed box is equipped with the controller Topper 5500 and with the Telemetria Stara.