Meet the remarkable features of the Stara Reboke grain carts line

Meet the remarkable features of the Stara Reboke grain carts line

To optimize the crop field operations, Stara developed the Reboke grain carts line. Among them, there is Reboke Inox, which is specific for grain and fertiliser transport. Another one is Reboke Ninja for grain transport. Both provide fast and safe transport and loading.

Reboke Inox features a 400 mm unloading tube with an unloading capacity of grains of up to 5,500 kg/min* which provides more agility, and a fertiliser unloading capacity of up to 3,500 kg/min*. On the other hand, Reboke Ninja is equipped with a 500 mm unloading tube and an unloading capacity of up to 10,000 kg/min*.

Both features two augers only and angle alignment between the two stages of the auger that allows the operator to have a clearer grain unloading view. In addition, the polymer unloading tube ensures more durability and easy maintenance.

Reboke Inox and Reboke Ninja feature a steering spout, which is made of polythene. It directs the product unloading onto the lorry.

Reboke Ninja is available on four models: Reboke Ninja 19000 – 19m³ capacity, Reboke Ninja 24000 – 24m³ capacity, Reboke Ninja 33000 – 33m³ capacity, and Reboke Ninja 40000 – 40m³ capacity.

Reboke Inox available models: Reboke 15000 Inox – a capacity of 15 m³, Reboke 20000 Inox – a capacity of 20 m³, Reboke 25000 Inox – a capacity of 25 m³, and Reboke 30000 Inox – a capacity of 30 m³.

Choose the Reboke grain carts to ensure high transport performance of grains and fertiliser.

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*It depends on the equipment model, product type, density, and moisture.