How important are the cover crops?

How important are the cover crops?

The cover crops are allies for high yields since they directly influence the soil quality. They provide soil protection, avoid erosion and ensure a higher capacity of water retaining when compared to uncovered soil. The cover crops can help with soil decompaction and avoid weeds.

One process to sow cover crop is by using the Stara Ponte Verde System. It provides sowing all over the self-propelled sprayer boom width efficiently and precisely. This process follows the same spraying path, which reduces operational time, fuel consumption, and crop damages.

In this system, the overseeding process is carried out before harvesting. For soybeans, for example, the perfect time to implement the cover crop with Ponte Verde is the R7.0 beginning maturity stage with 60% of the area with a green cover, according to a research carried out by FAPA (Portuguese acronym which stands for Agrarian Foundation of Agricultural Research).

For farmers with crops and livestock systems, the overseeding application with the Ponte Verde System is an excellent choice since it advances from 15 to 20 days the pasture sowing such as brachiaria, oats and ryegrass.

Additionally, the Ponte Verde System delivers excellent sowing uniformity with a coefficient of variation of 10% maximum, according to FAPA and MT Foundation.

This system is available on Imperador 3.0 and Imperador 2000 self-propelled sprayers. The Ponte Verde System provides plenty of advantages to your crop. Click here to learn more.


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