How can the agitation system help the spraying efficiency?

How can the agitation system help the spraying efficiency?

The Stara Imperador line features a bunch of technologies that ensure the precise application and high performance in the crop field. The agitation system is one of them, which is decisive for weed chemical control efficiency and influences the equipment lifespan.

The purpose of this system is to keep the chemical solution constantly moving. When the chemical solution is not metered correctly or not suitable for the sprayer, it causes poor mixing of the chemicals, especially when the solid product is used and tends to settle at the tank bottom. On the other hand, emulsifying products for the chemical solution, such as oils, tend to stay on the surface of the dilution liquid.

Therefore, the content of weed control products becomes higher or lower than planned. Consequently, causing poor product application even when the meter per planted area is correct.

The agitation system developed by Stara provides minor levels of residues and higher content and chemical solution homogeneity for spraying. It is due to the hydraulic agitator, which is easily activated and deactivated. In addition, there’s a mechanical mixer with easy and practical rotation adjustment through Topper 5500 controller.

The more homogeneous the chemical solution, the better the control of weeds and pests in the crop field since the products will have the same content during applications. Additionally, it provides a longer lifespan for the components of the spraying system as the system works clogging-free, that is, it works clean.

So that the chemical solution keeps homogeneous and prevents the segregation of chemical products that damage some components, the agitation system must remain on from the chemical solution in the tank until the application is finished.

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