How can technology make the spraying higher efficient?

How can technology make the spraying higher efficient?

Efficient spraying gathers precision and economy. To accomplish these two objectives, technology is fundamental. For this reason, Stara has developed a spraying lineup with a great technology package. An innovative package of exclusive tools to obtain high performance and quality in the spraying process.

In the Imperador lineup from Stara, the technology* can be seen on the machine structure with Up & Down – Hydraulic Lift System, Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System, Twin Row Spraying System and Central Booms. Additionally, technology is noticed in the smart solutions Stara can provide. Telemetria Stara, Syncro and Conecta, for example, are technologies that provide higher efficiency during spraying operations.

Through Telemetria Stara, you can manage your operations in the crop field in real-time. Any device that has Internet access will provide you with. In addition, Telemetria Stara allows the farmer to plan work logistics, optimize the fleet, reduce spraying costs and avoid crop losses.

While Syncro allows up to 4 self-propelled sprayers to operate with synchronization in the same field. The system provides standardised management per crop field and eases communication between operators. Additionally, it performs the nozzle-by-nozzle shut-off automatically. Thereby avoiding overlap and optimizing the traffic of the self-propelled machines in the field without re-entering AB lines.

And to ensure the machine will have quick assistance when required, Stara provides Conecta, a remote access service in real-time that connects the operator with a technician of the After-Sales Department from the Stara factory. The connection is established through Topper 5500, which guarantees fast and assertive support.

The farmer can optimize the crop field operations with the Stara self-propelled sprayers and ensure higher yield and quality.


*Check the technology available for each machine.