Farmers get to know Stara in one more visit to the factory

About 140 farmers were welcomed at Stara on June 30th for one more visit to the factory. The group, formed by farmers from Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Uruguai and Argentina, visited the company branch, in Carazinho, and the head-office, in Não-Me-Toque.
The event started in Carazinho, where the farmers saw the casting processes. In Não-Me-Toque, they attended a presentation about the company’s history, followed by a presentation about Precision Agriculture. In the afternoon, the visitors had the opportunity to see the production processes of the agricultural machinery, from steel sheet cut to machinery assembly. In a second moment, they got more information about the line of agricultural machinery by Stara in a machinery dynamics.
The night was marked by celebration and emotion. The farmer from Argentina, Gonzalo Cibien, received the key of the first Imperador 3100 of the country from the hands of the company management. “I got to know Imperador 3100 in the fair Stara attended in Argentina, and now, being able to visit the company is a great joy. I thank the honor and the opportunity to take part in this moment”, the farmer said. On the other hand, Gilson Trennepohl, CEO of Stara, thanked the farmers’s trust. “For Stara, receiving the farmers at the company is a great happiness. We have the first Imperador 3100 in Argentina and we really appreciate the trust deposited on our company”, claims Gilson.
The season of events at Stara goes up to August.