Do you want seed savings in the interim harvest? Bet on the Zero Crop Damage!

Do you want seed savings in the interim harvest? Bet on the Zero Crop Damage!

The interim harvest has been providing high yield and ensuring profits to farmers. With the high production costs due to the seeds and agricultural products price, you can save by using the Zero Crop Damage.

The Zero Crop Damage is an exclusive Stara technology. It performs automatic row-by-row shut-off where the sprayer and spreader will further pass over. The Zero Crop Damage delivers savings of 4% in seeds, depending on the application width of booms and the self-propelled path width.

Since it is software, it is available on planters equipped with the Stara Row-by-Row Shut-Off System. It enables the farmer to update its Stara planter with this new technology.  Therefore, with a Stara planter with the Row-by-Row Shut-Off System that saves an average of 5.03% in seeds plus the Zero Crop Damage technology, you can have an economy of up to 9.03% in seeds.

To simulate the results of this technology in the crop, the farmer can download the Stara Planting app, available in Android and IOS. Through the app, you can simulate how much you’re saving by using the Row-by-Row Shut-Off System, according to your information. In addition to simulate the Zero Crop Damage investment viability.

Additionally, the farmer can calculate the coefficient of variation of the operation. That is, evaluate the planting quality. Furthermore, guidelines of the variable rate application of seeds are available, based on the Aquarius Project data.

Stara provides better technologies for you to get better results.