Do you know Fox cultivator?

Do you know Fox cultivator?

Soil compaction is one of the productivity limiting factors. The compacted soil makes water storage difficult and impairs the plant root development. To prepare the soil for not-till farming, the Stara Fox cultivator decompacts the soil by keeping the straw, and consequently providing better water infiltration.

The Fox shanks are 30 mm thick and provide narrower furrows to minimize soil disturbance. It requires less tractor power, and consequently reduces the fuel consumption by up to 25%. In addition, it features the vibration system for soil decompaction. It ensures uniform soil operations and breaks down thick layers.

Fox cultivator is equipped with an automatic disarming system which provides faster and efficient operations. As a result, safety pins are not required to put in use and eliminates frequent changes to arm the shank.

Additionally, Fox is designed to work with the tandem assembly, which allows for operating with two cultivators at the same time, consequently increasing the daily income. The assembly is available on these models: 9, 11, and 13 shanks.

As an optional feature, Fox is equipped with the KS seeding kit that features a seed hopper by gravity for soil cover. Its seeds distribution system is activated through the levelling roller by chains. The polyethylene hopper has a high capacity. The models vary from 315 to 680 liters according to the number of shanks.

Fox cultivator is the right choice for soil decompaction and protect it for the next planting process.