1, 2, 3: triple love for agriculture

1, 2, 3: triple love for agriculture

Have you ever imagined figuring out becoming a parent of triplets? That was the news Camila Costa Cabral and Álvaro Bosch received. The couple has been together for 5 years, and both live in Carambeí, the state of Paraná. They never imagined it could happen to them: “It was a surprise. We couldn’t even imagine twins, even fewer triplets.”

Today, Gabriel, Rafael and Miguel are 1 year and 4 months old and follow their daddy activities in the crop field. Álvaro, who is a farmer, insists that the little ones go to the crop field. “They love to play with animals and ride on the machines. I take one at each time inside the machine cabin. They are quiet and pay attention. They really enjoy it, says Álvaro.

Álvaro says that when he was a child, his father, Nicolaas Bosch, used to take him to the crop field too. For this reason, he is passing his love for agriculture to his boys. “I can’t picture myself doing anything else. My work is in the crop field. I take my kids to the field since now so they can live with agriculture,” he points out.

Álvaro owns a Cinderela planter and approved the equipment. “It delivers great plantability and cuts the straw very well. As it can be articulated, it copies the terrain and thereby the planting process is uniform.”

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Cinderela planter provides you with great plantability. It is recommended for corn, soybeans, beans, and cotton crops. Since its chassis can be articulated, the planter can provide you with better terrain copying. Consequently, ensuring planting uniformity even when passing over uneven terrains. Available models: Cinderela with seed hopper by gravity. Cinderela Top with seed hopper by gravity, and Cinderela Top with central seed hopper.