Stara planting: meet all Stara technologies for variable rate planting

Stara planting: meet all Stara technologies for variable rate planting

A precise planting is the result of technologies that ensure planting with quality, practicality, and agility, providing a significant increase in productivity and seed savings.

Meet the Stara planter technologies:

DPS System

The Stara Precise Seed Placement (DPS) ensures uniform seed placement which avoids double seeds and failure. Studies that were carried out in Brazil show that this system provides average productivity gains of 7% in soybeans and corn, while 18% in cotton, due to the seed placement precision.

Control System

The Control System instantly sets the equipment seed and fertilizer rates, which provides practical and faster planting. Another advantage of this system is that the planter is already equipped with variable rate, which by means of prescription maps adjusts the plant population according to the management zones of each field. Research conducted in Brazil shows that the instant seed rate adjustment generates savings of 5.7% in corn planting and 4% in soybeans.

Row-by-Row Shut-Off System

The technology enables the automatic shutoff of planting rows exactly when the monitor detects an area where planting was previously performed. It avoids seed waste and increases yield. Additionally, it prevents overlap.

According to Aquarius Project, whose data was collected from Brazilian crop fields, The Row-by-Row Shut-Off System from Stara provides a yield increase of 9.2% in soybeans and 11.1% in corn since it avoids plant competition.


Stara’s exclusive system allows for communication between up to four planters that operate synchronized in the same field. Additionally, it provides better operational planning that results in fast and practical planting. To ensure data communication, Syncro establishes communication via radio, without requiring Internet access.

Thanks to all these technologies, Stara can provide you with higher yield and profitability.





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