Stara performs great event

Stara performs great event

The February 25th was an important day for Stara’s history. A single moment that will be remembered by each one of the 1,500 people who participated in the Stara’s launches event. Farmers from all regions of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia and dealerships, gathered in the city of Não-Me-Toque, state of Rio Grande do Sul, for a day of much emotion.

The guests were welcomed  by Stara’s CEO, Gilson Trennepohl, who told the history of the company. Then, the soccer player Rogério Ceni told his history of 25-year career at Sport Club São Paulo, highlighting the importance of determination to achieve professional and personal success.

Before reaching the most expected moment of the day, the guests were able to meet the industrial structure of Stara, from cutting to assembly and shipping sectors.

The party started with the parade of the Stara’s machines, making a journey through the history and evolution of products to get the most awaited moment: the launch of the 2016 line. The first launch of the evening was the corn header Brava+, more efficient, stronger and more beautiful. The second one was the spreader Hércules 6.0, the largest self-propelled spreader produced in Brazil, with extremely bold and innovative design, with load capacity of 6,000 kg and distribution width of 36 meters.

To present the third night launch, Stara brought a special guest, João Batista Olivi, one of the greatest enthusiasts of the Brazilian agribusiness. The third launch was a machine that came to become a market winner. Princesa, an articulated planter with side closure for transporting, brings together features that make it a special planter. It is compact and agile and it has the Distribuição Precisa Stara – DPS (Stara’s Precision Distribution) which ensures planting more evenly. It is available in two versions: one with suspended seed box and the other with central seed box. Moreover, it has the Topper 5500 controller and the Telemetria Stara.

The greatest moment of the evening came accompanied by one of the most remarkable voices of sports broadcasting in the Brazilian radio: Pedro Ernesto Denardin. Owner of a voice that narrates the birth and consecration of many Brazilian champions, Pedro Ernesto used his distinctive voice to narrate the birth of another world champion: the Imperador 3.0, a single self-propelled worldwide, which appeared bright to win the world. The Imperador 3.0 is the world’s only machine for spraying and spreading. It has syrup tank with capacity of 2,400 liters and booms of 27 meters. As for distribution, it has a stainless steel tank with a capacity of 3 tons. With the Imperador 3.0 the producer performs the spraying and the distribution on the same trail, avoiding kneading. To crown the releases, a spectacular show of fireworks shone in Não-Me-Toque.

All guests attended the launch of the Imperador 3.0 assembly line and a wonderful dinner was served.