Why should you log the machine stop reasons?

Why should you log the machine stop reasons?

Telemetria Stara provides practical management of crop field operations. It monitors the machine stop reasons. As a consequence, it helps to optimize the processes and planning.

The stop reasons can be set up on Topper 5500 controller and accessed on the Telemetria portal. It is required to enable the option “Stop Reasons” on Topper, to log the stop reasons during operations. A warning is displayed on Topper every time the operator stops the machine or after the setup time, from 0 to 10 minutes. Before starting the operation again, the operator must select the stop reason. While the stop reason isn’t selected, the machine can’t restart the operation.

Seven stop reasons are preset, for example, refueling, product supplying, maintenance service, and weather conditions. You can register new stop reasons on the Telemetria portal, as required.

Through the Telemetria portal, you can see the machine operation time and stopped time. Select the stop reasons, fields and time on Topper. For better visualization, data graphs are created with the number of stop reasons and according to the stop reason and how long it lasted. Additionally, you can create reports about the stop reasons in PDF and Excel.

Through such information, the farmer can analyze what’s influencing the operation performance and provide improvement, such as creating new refueling places and scheduling maintenance services to avoid unexpected events and having higher savings.



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