Why should you have your machine service performed at the dealer?

Why should you have your machine service performed at the dealer?

Performing operations in the crop field after the machine has been serviced provides the machine with high performance and prolong its lifespan. Additionally, the farmer will not worry about it!  Performing this preventive maintenance at the dealership is the certainty of a quality service performed by trained professionals that use genuine parts and factory warranty. Stara Maintenance Program provides you with this reliability.

At Stara dealership, the service is performed by qualified professionals, factory-trained, with the required technical knowledge to perform the best service on your machine. In addition, they frequently take courses and receive machine updates directly from the factory.

Additionally, the components are replaced according to the lifespan of each one, preventing issues and undesirable costs, providing an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Only genuine parts are used, with quality and durability. Another advantage of the service at the dealership is that the technicians have control over the components that have already been replaced and the services performed. As a result, it avoids reworking.

It is worth remembering that for the factory warranty period to be valid, you must have the services performed at the dealership, as this ensures that the machine receives the proper maintenance.

The Stara Maintenance Program provides the customer with a piece of mind. The Stara dealership will contact you to schedule the service at the right time. The farmer can also take advantage of the Specialised Services such as calibration and checking to ensure application quality.

Stara Maintenance Program and Specialised Services, your machine ready for operations at all times.